The Best Face Masks for Travel From Bona Fide, Maskc, 3M and More

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Holiday question this twelvemonth is expected to beryllium adjacent to pre-pandemic levels. Right now, determination are inactive guidelines successful spot that passengers indispensable travel due to the fact that of COVID-19 -- including having to wear a look disguise connected an airplane. Most airlines implemented disguise mandates astatine the opening of the pandemic to guarantee that aerial question precautions were successful accordance with the CDC's COVID-19 guidelines.

But arsenic the pandemic progresses (particularly up of the expectedly engaged holiday season), many airlines are tightening their COVID restrictions adjacent more, and are present banning cloth look masks altogether.

According to Travel & Leisure, planetary airlines -- including Air France, Finnair, Croatia Airlines and LATAM Airlines, among others -- person banned masks made from cloth cloth materials. Instead, passengers are required to opt for a much "protective" disposable disguise similar a surgical and N95 disguise oregon a KN95 mask.

While mask requirements whitethorn alteration by the hose and destination, it's inactive worthy it to put successful a quality, surgical-grade look covering that tin champion support you careless of your bearer -- particularly up of the holidays, erstwhile aerial question is usually astatine its busiest.

To assistance you successful your hunt for the astir flight-friendly look masks, ET Style has pulled unneurotic immoderate of the champion options. Ahead, find the best face masks for question from Amazon, Evolvetogether, Walmart, MASKC, Target and more. Plus, cheque retired the best personage look masks and store Lululemon's astir stylish look masks.

Bona Fide Face Masks White Powecom® KN95 Respirator Face Mask

Bona Fide Face Masks

These KN95 look masks from Bona Fide Face Masks supply 95% oregon greater filtration of particles similar bacteria, viruses, contamination particles, and pollen, etc. They're made of aggregate filtration layers of polypropylene and electrostatic cotton, they travel successful some receptor loop and headband models.

$12$8 FOR A 10-PACK

Bona Fide Masks Children's Powecom KN95-SM

Bona Fide Masks

Bona Fide Masks makes KN95 masks for children which are 15% smaller than the modular size. 

$12 FOR A 10-PACK

MASKC Blush Tones Variety KN95 Face Masks - 10 PACK


Celebs emotion MSKC KN95 masks. When a stylish cloth disguise is not an option, these are a bully protective option. 


Holiday Masks, 10 Pack


Get the holiday-themed masks from celebrity-loved look disguise brand, MASKC. 

$18 $14

Nidy 50 Pack Disposable Kids Face Mask, Child Size, 3 Ply, Ear Loop


Kids tin ne'er person excessively galore look masks. This disposable look disguise is 3-ply, but it's lightweight capable that it's comfy for double-masking. This 1 comes successful a battalion of 50 truthful determination are plentifulness to instrumentality connected your adjacent travel and conscionable and disguise requirement.


Andy & Evan 6-Pack Adult Disposable Pleated Face Masks


These three-ply disposable look masks from Andy & Evan person a interaction of style.


Necano Disposable Face Mask


Ditch the accepted surgical disguise benignant with this sleek, achromatic enactment from Necano.


Fangtian N95 20 pack


If you similar the cupful style, this N95 disguise comes successful a battalion of 20.

$70 $20

N95 Flatfold Disposable Respirator


Stay harmless connected your adjacent formation with this N95 plan from Honeywell.




A lightweight look disguise cleanable for traveling, moving errands and exercising. This breathable Traveleisure Face Mask has 3,500 reviews and is the adjustable look disguise you need.


SupplyAID RRS-KN95-5PK KN95 Face Mask


According to the brand, these masks are intended to assistance bounds irritants similar pollen and haze.


AccuMed BNX N95 Mask


Stock up connected this indispensable with a 10-pack of masks.


Kimberly-Clark Professional N95 Pouch Respirator


This disguise provides a minimum of "95% filtration ratio of 0.3 micron particles," according to the retailer.

$58$42 AT AMAZON

3M Company Advanced Filtering Face Mask


Stick to the classics and put successful these precocious filtering look masks.


Disposable Multi Color Face Masks


Have a colour on-hand for each juncture with this multi-colored disguise battalion from Walmart.


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