Sophia Culpo Reveals Her Skincare Tips for Treating Acne Scars, Puffiness and More

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Sophia Culpo
Sophia Culpo/Instagram

Sophia Culpo has been into quality since mediate schoolhouse erstwhile her ma gave her her archetypal skincare set.

While the 25-year-old societal media star's regimen has changed since then, her passionateness for maintaining glowy, flawless tegument remains the same. 

"I started getting breakouts during that truly awkward pre-teen stage. I retrieve I was truthful excited to person an existent skincare routine, truthful I followed it religiously each nighttime due to the fact that I truly wanted to person wide skin," Sophia tells ET. 

"As I’ve gotten older, my tegument has changed a lot. I person perioral dermatitis astir my chemoreceptor and mouth, which is highly frustrating," she shares. "Getting older has adjacent changed the benignant of acne I get. I curse big acne is worse and harder to treat." 

To woody with her existent skincare concerns, the influencer relies connected a balanced diet, effectual treatments, and prime products. 

"Food decidedly impacts my skin. I endure from IBS and an overactive immune system, truthful my fare is ever shifting," she explains. "Cutting retired dairy has helped a lot." 

"I’ve learned to thin into my cravings and to grant my body, but astatine the aforesaid clip beryllium mindful to devour steadfast and get successful my greens and vitamins. I emotion to incorporated Vitamin C into my time done food. I curse by it for glowing skin, and besides to assistance physique collagen," Sophia adds. 

For further recommendations, the exemplary goes to her sisters, Olivia and Aurora Culpo, for advice.

"My sisters and I are perpetually talking astir caller products we person discovered, caller techniques, antithetic look masks, oregon adjacent just the old-school tips similar putting spoons successful the freezer for greeting de-puffing," Sophia says. 

Her latest obsession: the Vivace microneedling attraction for preventive skincare measures. 

"Vivace has made specified a quality successful treating hyperpigmentation from acne scarring and evening retired the code and texture of my skin," she dishes. "I americium besides seeing smaller pores, and little defined good lines astir my mouth." 

Sophia Culpo

Courtesy of Sophia Culpo

The exemplary besides makes definite to incorporated facial massaging into her regular docket to debar puffiness and to supply accent relief. 

"I absolutely emotion a facial massage utilizing a gua sha. I ever aftermath up ace puffy successful the morning, truthful I emotion to usage the gua sha to drain each the fluid and specify my facial features," she notes. "It besides feels astonishing and hits important acupressure points to relieve hostility and summation humor flow."


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