Margot Robbie rocks a unique skirt on her little black Balmain dress

4 months ago 711

Margot Robbie concluded her awards season weekend with yet another unconventional little black dress. Just a day after gracing the SAG Awards in a striking black and pink Schiaparelli couture ensemble, Robbie made her presence felt at the Producers Guild Awards in a black and white Balmain minidress. The attire drew attention at the event with its sharp, plunging collar and structured skirt. Robbie opted to let the outfit take center stage, complementing it with a nude lip and wearing her hair straight down with a middle part.

Not only a lead actress but also an executive producer on the Barbie project, Robbie, along with her LuckyChap production company co-founders Tom Ackerley and Josey McNamara, recently discussed their plans to build on the success of their latest ventures such as Barbie and Saltburn with Variety.

"Originality is absolutely crucial," Robbie emphasized. "However, the challenge with being original is that you can't simply replicate what has worked before. While we celebrate our current achievements, our minds are already focused on what's next. Each time, we must strive for originality. Whether it's the distinct tone of I, Tonya or the boldness of Barbie, our projects are always daring. We take big risks, aiming to hit it out of the park, and even if we miss, we refuse to stop swinging."

Addressing whether they face resistance from studios, she added, "During those crucial production meetings, when everyone advises against trusting a seemingly crazy decision—and all the data suggests playing it safe—we must muster the courage to take that leap. Time and again, I've witnessed instances where standing by our filmmakers led to something truly remarkable. It would have been easy to play it safe, to choose the path that seems logical or safe on paper, but that's when mediocrity creeps in."