How to Watch ‘The Housewives of the North Pole’

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This vacation season, a definite Beverly Hills housewife is headed northbound successful The Housewives of the North Pole, a caller Christmas movie promising tons of laughs, cheer, a bikini-clad “snow woman” and a heated decorating competition. 

The cheeky caller vacation movie stars The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills alum Kyle Richards alongside Breaking Bad histrion Betsy Brandt. The brace play champion friends and section "Christmas Queens" of their town, North Pole, Vermont. The Housewives of the North Pole premieres exclusively connected Peacock connected Dec. 9. 

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Richards and Brandt play pals Trish and Diana. The “Christmas Queens” of their tiny municipality person won the Best Holiday House decorating contention for 9 years running, and are readying connected a tenth erstwhile an statement starts, causing the dynamic duo to split. The full municipality of North Pole becomes embroiled successful the feud betwixt the 2 friends and their families, attracting the attraction of a writer who hopes to crook the communicative into an exposure titled, “The Housewives of the North Pole.” The movie besides stars Kyle Selig, Jearnest Corchado, Carlos Ponce, Alec Mapa and Damon Dayoub.

As the voiceover successful the trailer proclaims, “In the municipality of North Pole, we cognize however to bash Christmas.” So this vacation season, you surely won’t privation to miss taking a travel to North Pole, Vermont to cheque retired these Queens of Christmas. Here’s however to ticker The Housewives of the North Pole.

The Housewives of the North Pole

Fred Hayes/Peacock

When does The Housewives of the North Pole travel out? The movie premieres connected Thursday, Dec. 9. 

Where tin I ticker The Housewives of the North Pole?The Housewives of the North Pole volition beryllium disposable to watercourse exclusively connected Peacock, alongside fashionable shows and movies similar Below Deck, The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Die Hard and more. 

You tin motion up to effort Peacock Premium oregon Peacock Premium Plus for 7 days free.  

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