Chrissy Teigen: I was a troll and I'm so sorry

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On Monday, Teigen shared a lengthy Medium piece she wrote successful which she talks astir her "VERY humbling fewer weeks."

"I cognize I've been quiet, and lord knows you don't privation to perceive astir me, but I privation you to cognize I've been sitting successful a spread of deserved planetary punishment, the eventual 'sit present and deliberation astir what you've done,'" Teigen wrote. "Not a day, not a azygous infinitesimal has passed wherever I haven't felt the crushing value of regret for the things I've said successful the past."

    Last month, Stodden, who identifies arsenic nonbinary, went nationalist with Teigen being cruel to them connected societal media years agone aft Stodden, past 16, joined past 50-year-old histrion Doug Hutchison.

      "(Teigen) wouldn't conscionable publically tweet astir wanting maine to instrumentality 'a ungraded nap' but would privately DM maine and archer maine to termination myself," Stodden told The Daily Beast. "Things like, 'I can't hold for you to die.'"

      Teigen apologized to Stodden, who has since gotten divorced from Hutchison.

      Chrissy Teigen explains 'it's not the trolls' that caused Twitter exit

      Reflecting connected it successful her Medium piece, Teigen wrote, "As you know, a clump of my aged atrocious (awful, awful) tweets resurfaced."

      "I'm genuinely ashamed of them," Teigen wrote. "As I look astatine them and recognize the wounded they caused, I person to halt and wonder: How could I person done that?"

      According to Teigen, determination are "more than conscionable a few" radical she needs to publically apologize to and she says she's been reaching retired to immoderate of the radical she was mean to privately.

      Those people, she wrote, "needed empathy, kindness, knowing and support, not my meanness masquerading arsenic a benignant of casual, edgy humor."

      "I was a troll, afloat stop," Teigen said. "And I americium truthful sorry."

      The backlash connected societal media has been monolithic and resulted successful Teigen tweeting an apology May 12.

      In the portion published Monday, Teigen wrote, "I privation to spell a small further here, reasoning of those I've wounded and friends I've disappointed" with what she called her "snark astatine immoderate celebrities" that she did via "jokes, random observations."

      "In reality, I was insecure, immature and successful a satellite wherever I thought I needed to impressment strangers to beryllium accepted," Teigen wrote. "If determination was a popular civilization pile-on, I took to Twitter to effort to summation attraction and amusement disconnected what I astatine the clip believed was a crude, clever, harmless quip. I thought it made maine chill and relatable if I poked amusive astatine celebrities."

        Teigen said her portion was to supply radical context, not to represent herself arsenic a victim. She's grown since then, she said, married, had children, gotten therapy and been connected the receiving extremity of capable trolling to recognize the harm she has done.

        "I'm much knowing of what motivates trolling -- the instant gratification that you get from lashing retired and clapping back, throwing rocks astatine idiosyncratic you deliberation is invincible due to the fact that they're famous," she wrote. "Also, I cognize present however it feels to beryllium connected the receiving extremity of unthinkable vitriol. Believe me, the irony of this is not mislaid connected me."

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